Our family farm is located in the Christian Valley area above Westbridge, BC on 65 acres along the Kettle River.  On our 65 acres we raise all of our own livestock.  We have cattle, sheep, pigs, turkeys, chickens and laying hens.


The cattle we raise on our farm are Black and Red Angus and we have two token Scottish Highlanders.  Our cattle are grass fed only.


Our pigs are also raised by us.  We are crossing Berkshire and Tamworth, both are heritage breeds. Tamworth produces more bacon and we all know you can never get enough bacon from a pig.  Berkshire on the other hand has great flavour.  Our pigs get to play in mud and forage and are fed non-GMO grain.


Our meat birds are giant Rock Cornish hens that come from Armstrong, BC.  Our hens are not raised on steroids or antibiotics.  When they feather out we put them outside where they can walk around.  We put water at one end and food at the other end so they get exercise because some can get pretty lazy.  These birds also get Non-GMO grain.


Our turkeys that we raise come from Abbotsford, BC.  We get the St Nicholas and they are raised the exact same way our chickens are.  These guys are available fresh for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If we have any leftover we get pieced out so they don’t take up to much room in the freezer.

To the customers who continually come back to purchase products from us, thank you.  To those who would like to give us a try, we welcome you.  You can come and talk to us at any of the following markets:


Grand Forks Farmers’ Market – Tuesday & Friday 8 am to 1 pm starting May 1st

Trails IncrEDIBLE Market – Every second Saturday commencing May 2nd

Nelson’s Cottonwood Farmers Market – Every Saturday commencing in May

“Market on Market” – Every second Saturday commencing May 9th

Rock Creek Farmers Market – Every Saturday commencing in May

Rutland Community Flea Market @ Rutland Centennial Hall Indoor and Outdoor Market – Every Sunday


We also are happy to make arrangements for larger orders to be delivered to Kelowna, South Okanagan, Nelson, Trail, Castlegar, Rock Creek and Grand Forks.

Our sheep are Katahdin mixed in with some Draper and St Cross.  We are leaning towards more of the Katahdin line for our future and we’ll get there.  These sheep are strictly raised for their meat and are very hardy rams and ewes.  They are also grass fed.


Christian Valley, BC



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